I have been happily out for 3 years, and its tough. To this day, I feel the sting of Bi-phobia, especially when I get asked increasingly inappropriate questions.
The media has portrayed my sexuality as if it’s only for entertainment purposes, through pornography.
No, I do not want to have a threesome with you and your girlfriend; and my sex life has every right to be left a mystery.
I would not ask you about you and your partner; what I do is not up for discussion. There’s a difference between curiosity and disrespect;
if you want to discuss what being Bi means and how I feel about it, go ahead, I’ll pull up a chair and put the kettle on.
But its not. My sexuality has become a conversation starter at parties, and the icebreaker for guys.
The crude, cringe worthy questions that I bite my tongue through.
The questions which are so slimy they make me want to vomit.